I Dream Too Much is a wonderful young woman’s coming-of-age film. We’ve seen a million men’s coming-of-age films, and now we get to see a woman who’s really defining herself in the world...her reality versus her dreams.
— Richard Linklater
A sensitively drawn portrait of multigenerational female friendship that should resonate particularly with young women.
A light-hearted, sleepily nostalgic take on Cokinos’ own young adulthood, I found I Dream Too Much surprisingly charming and inspiring.
— Mike Saulters, SLACKERWOOD
The film has quite an emotional impact.
— Frank Scheck, THR
Heart and integrity.
— Thelma Adams
Diane Ladd delivers an entertaining and nuanced turn in this quietly affecting — if flawed — drama.
A charming movie that benefits most from likable, believable characters.