Making I DREAM TOO MUCH helped me accomplish my dream of producing a film with a unique voice and vision (while surviving blizzard conditions).
— Ed McWilliams

Ed McWilliams

Writer, Producer

Originally from Texas, Ed moved to Hollywood after graduating from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. His first industry job was at Madonna's company, Maverick Films. Their deal with Fox taught him the inner-workings of studios. He read hundreds of scripts, focusing on YA and comic book properties. After this he took the position of Creative Executive with management/production company, Content House, where he developed projects with Oscar nominated screenwriters. He founded the independent production company Attic Light Films in 2008 along with Milan Chakraborty, and his brother, Jack, joined soon after. They produced the detective noir comedy, Rock Slyde, starring Patrick Warburton and Andy Dick. After writing multiple award-winning short films and filming documentaries, they returned to the feature world with Alter Egos, an anti-superhero comedy, which became one of Phase 4's highest-grossing films of the year. The Lifeguard, starring Kristen Bell, premiered in competition at Sundance 2013. In 2014 Attic Light produced Where Hope Grows, coming to theaters in May, and I DREAM TOO MUCH. He continues to write and develop screenplays, and cohosts the annual Texans in Hollywood BBQ, introducing Californians to the irresistible flavor of Texas BBQ.