Alex Rappoport

Cinematographer, Editor

In the annals of creative endeavor, few instances could rate higher as labors of love than my work on I DREAM TOO MUCH.  Katie and I were in great measure brought together as husband and wife by our shared love of cinema, and I am fond of pointing out that her first film, Portrait of a Girl as a Young Cat, was shot by her boyfriend and edited by her husband – both me.  Over the course of that experience, I came to admire Katie as a unique and sensitive storyteller and I was certain that we would make more films together.  Fifteen years and two children later, we have had the great and overdue fortune to work as a team again.  And contrary to what one might expect, the experience has been even more enjoyable this time around.  While this may in part be attributable to factors such as a production crew of more than one, or having a script, I think it has more to do with the fact that after 16 years of marriage we have not once, upon leaving a movie theater together, ever disagreed about our perceptions of any film.  I DREAM TOO MUCH: where indie cinema meets Mom and Pop.

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